Meet the Owners

Tracy & Alex Lythell

Owners of Domaine Les Grands Champs

A bit about us…

How long have you lived in France?

We moved to France in 2005, after what many thought was a somewhat hasty decision, it being only 3 months after our first visit.

It did prove challenging with 2 toddlers, a reluctant 16-year-old, 2 parrots and 4 cats, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. Since then the family has welcomed new additions, with our youngest being born in the nearby Perigueux hospital, and an ever-increasing menagerie.

Do you speak French?

We wouldn’t say we are fluent but do speak it adequately. All our children, however, are bi-lingual.

Why did you move here?

It was an area known well by both our parents, who frequently travelled through Europe. The Dordogne is famous for its stunningly beautiful scenery and it didn’t disappoint. With its warm climate, spectacular landscapes and rich history, it was a breath of fresh air after the hectic life we had been living in the UK.

Do you miss living in the UK?

Whilst there are certain aspects that we miss, particularly family and friends, our quality of life, especially for our children, has been greatly enhanced. Pretty much everything we enjoy is on our door step.

Winner of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Oliver’s Travels awards

For the most popular and best reviewed properties of the year.

What Oliver loves…

☆ Gather in the home cinema to enjoy a film together.

☆ This family holiday villa is a haven for children, with swings, slides, football pitch, sandpit, go-karts, video games and more.

☆ The apartment offers air conditioning to provide guests respite from summer heat while the villa itself also stays cool during the hot months.. just remember to keep the windows closed!

☆ Happy to arrange many extra services such as grocery shopping/fridge stocking, catering, child care, etc…

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